Allyson Glenn: Fragments

JUN 1, 2012 – JUN 23, 2012

Common Sense is pleased to present Fragments, a new solo exhibition of figurative paintings by Allyson Glenn. Including works from the series ‘Cracovia’ and ‘Urban Narratives,’ the images address issues of cultural identity, conflict, and transition.

The ‘Cracovia’ project was initiated in the old Jewish ghetto of Krakow, Poland, during an eight-month residency. It was completed in 2010 and is composed of sixteen figure narratives and cityscapes. In order to capture a genuine portrayal of the culture, many of the portraits were painted in live sessions in Krakow. The intent of the project was to examine post- communist culture in Poland, and address the coexistence of modernity with remnants of war and occupation.

‘Urban Narratives’ is a continuation of familiar themes, however it introduces new topics relating to cultural and human cycles, such as conflict versus resolution, birth and death. The project will comprise of twelve figurative paintings, exhibited as four triptychs. These works will not only invite new themes, but will also incorporate the concept of ‘narrative structure’ (most associated with literature or theatre) to create visual liaisons between the images. This project is in the development stage, thus the exhibited images offer a glimpse of the completed sections of the triptychs.
Common Sense opens Fragments, a solo exhibition by Allyson Glenn, with a public reception on Friday, June 1, from 7 – 11 PM. Admission is free, and the artist will be in attendance. The exhibition runs until Saturday, June 23, by appointment or by chance.

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