Samantha Williams: Figure/Ground

JUL 8, 2011 - JUL 31, 2011 Starting Saturday July 8, 2011, at 7:00 pm, Common Sense presents Figure/Ground – An exhibition of new paintings by Samantha Williams. Samantha Williams work focuses on the human figure and the natural landscape. These two genres of paintings have historically been separated, but her paintings challenge history and … Continue reading Samantha Williams: Figure/Ground

Rob Willms: Soliloquy

MAR 12, 2011 - APR 30, 2011 “Soliloquy” is presented as a quiet aside to all the hawkers’ clamour for your vested attention. It is, at least in part, a vibrant whisper asserting that art be taken at face value. Keen, hard work has built into these sculptures my particular experience of things, though what … Continue reading Rob Willms: Soliloquy

Sights To See: Selections from the Cassady/McCourt Collection

JUN 19, 2010 - JUL 19, 2010 Gwen Bailey + Nola Cassady + Terry Fenton + Jodie Harpe-Lesperance + Kawase Hasui + Shiro Kasamatsu + Tsuchiya Koitsu + Ryan McCourt + David Shkolny + Rob Willms Starting Saturday June 19, 2010, Common Sense presents Sights To See: Selections from the Cassady McCourt Collection, an exhibition … Continue reading Sights To See: Selections from the Cassady/McCourt Collection


APR 2, 2010 - MAY 7, 2010 Starting April 2, 2010, Common Sense presents the world premiere of ‘Getwiste Staal’, The Dutch Connection’, an exhibition of seven recent sculptures by award winning sculptor Mark Bellows. Bellows is known in Edmonton for a number of public art projects, including “Twisted Triptych”; the large, brightly-coloured sculptures that … Continue reading Mark Bellows: ‘GETWISTE STAAL’, THE DUTCH CONNECTION

Ryan McCourt: Portrait Helmets

NOV 20, 2009 - DEC 20, 2009 Starting November 20, 2009, Common Sense present's Ryan McCourt's Portrait Helmets, an exhibition of eleven recent brass sculptures by the award winning Edmonton artist. Taking the form of ornate metal headwear, McCourt's Portrait Helmets draw their inspiration from a variety of mythical, cultural, archetypal, and personal sources. While … Continue reading Ryan McCourt: Portrait Helmets